New and Additional Books


    This book is about the last six years of saltpeter mining in Mammoth Cave, 1810-1816. This well documented book includes photos, maps and drawings. Part of this history is the War of 1812 and the famous New Madrid Earthquake. A must for those interested in Mammoth Cave History, Saltpeter Mining, etc. 2005. 206 pages  sb ....  $24.95

Natural Tunnel: Nature's Marvel in Stone by Tony Scales

    Natural Tunnel is a 850' natural cave with little modification permits a railroad to pass through it. Still used for freight traffic. Passenger service was discontinued several decades ago. Along with the rail tracks in the cave, there is a stream and the ceiling is about 50'. Natural Tunnel State Park is in the extreme southwest part of Virginia. The book reveals the tunnel cave history, with many photos, current and old, old color post cards, a few cave maps. A must for rail fans and cavers. (2005) 150 pages sb... $19.95

Book List - Alphabetical

Note: sb means Soft Bound, hb means Hard Bound

Adaptation and Natural Selection In Caves $39.95
Adventure of Caving - Revised Edition, 1990 sb $14.95
Alabaster Cavern State Park and Woodward County sb $1.95
Alexander Caverns sb $1.00
The Almost Complete Eclectic Caver sb $8.00
Alpine Caving Techniques  $29.50

American Miner's Carbide Lamps hb $74.95

America's Neighborhood Bats sb $9.95 hb $19.95
Ape Cave sb $1.95
Appalachian Karst Symposium Proceedings 1991 sb $17.50
Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area sb $25.00
Art of Caving sb $10.00

Basic Underwater Cave Surveying sb $10.00
Bat Bomb hb $24.00
Bats In Question pb $24.00
Bat Wings & Spider Eyes sb $9.00 hb $15.00
Bats hb $9.95
Bats of Carlsbad Caverns National Park sb $4.95
Beyond Mammoth Cave sb $29.00
Bibliography of Oregon Speleology, 1977 sb $6.00
Bibliography of Wyandotte Cave pb $10.00
Billions of Bats hb $9.50

CMC Rappel Manual sb $22.00
Carlsbad Caverns National Park by Radlauer sb $30.00
Carlsbad Caverns: Salones De Silencio, Bellesa Sin Fin sb $2.50
Carlsbad Caverns: Silent Chambers, Timeless Beauty sb $2.50
Carlsbad Cavern, The Early Years sb $10.00
Carlsbad, Caves and a Camera sb $14.95
The Cave of Delaware sb $1.00
Cave Diving Communications sb $6.00
Cave Diving - The Cave Diving Group Manual sb $30.00
Cave Exploring sb $1.95
Cave Management Plan for TX Parks & Wildlife Dept sb $7.50
Cave Management Symposium Proceedings 1987 $15.00
Cave Passages hb $21.00
Cavers, Caves and Caving hb $6.95
Caverns Measureless to Man sb $21.50 hb 32.50
Caverns of Sonora 3.00
Caves, by Kerbo sb $4.95
Caves and Karst of Barra Honda National Park sb $8.00
Caves and Karst of Kentucky $22.00
The Caves Beyond sb $5.50
The Caves of Gunung Buda $15.00
Caving Basics, 3rd edition - G.T. Rea sb $11.00
Caving Practice and Equipment sb $30.00
Caving International #3, #4, #8 sb $3.50
Celebrated American Caves hb $6.95
Central Oregon Caves sb $2.95
Chronicles of the Old Reading Grotto sb $15.00
Confined Space Entry & Rescue $30.00
Crystal Cave (Sequoia National Park) sb $7.95

Darkness Beckons hb $35.00
Darkness Beckons Supplement $5.00
Deep Secrets sb $24.95 hb $32.95
Depths of the Earth hb $14.95
Digital Representation of Karst sb $8.00
The Discovery & History of Carlsbad Caverns, Jim White $4.95
Discovery of Luray Caverns, Va. sb $5.75

Emergence sb $10.95
First Due Trench Rescue $39.95
Floyd Collins of Sand Cave $5.00
Fourth Conference on Karst Geology and Hydrology sb $15.00

Geologic Story of Diamond Caverns sb $2.00
A Geologic Guide to Mammoth Cave National Park sb $6.95
Geology of the Carter and Cascade Caves Area sb $3.00
George Washington Cave sb $1.00
Great American Show Caves sb $1.50
Great Basin - The Story Behind the Scenery sb $7.95
The Greater Horseshoe Bat hb $5.00
The Guadalupe's sb $3.00
GYPKAP Report #2 1988-91 sb $12.00

High Angle Rescue sb $34.95
Hollow Hills of Sunnalec - The Linville Caverns Story sb $7.50
Howe Caverns 60th Anniversary 1929-1989 sb $2.00

Howe Caverns, The Story of $2.98
Hypothermia, Frostbite & Other Cold Injuries sb $9.95
International Caver Magazine #s1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,25 $7.00 each
Jewel Cave, a Gift From the Past sb $7.95
The Jewel Cave Adventure sb $7.95
Jewel Cave - The Story Behind The Scenery $7.95
Journal of the Cumberland, Spelean Associates, Volume 5, Number 1, $10.00
Journal of the Cumberland, Spelean Associates, Volume 6, Number 1, $10.00
Just Bats sb $14.00

Karst Hydrology Atlas of West Virginia $35.00
Lava Beds Caves sb $4.50
Lava River Cave sb $1.95
Lehman Caves sb $4.95
The Little Brown Bat hb $4.00

Mammoth Cave Romance sb $6.50
Mammoth Cave Saltpeter Works ... sb $24.95
Mammoth Cave - The Story Behind The Scenery pb $7.95
Manual of US Cave Rescue Techniques sb $5.95
Marengo Cave - U.S. National Landmark sb $2.00
Maws sb $1.00
Medicine for Mountaineering sb $5.95
Memoirs of a Speleologist  hb $10.95
The Miner's Flame Light Book hb $85.00
Minnesota Caves, History and Legend sb $1.50
Mountaineering First Aid sb $1.95
Mummies of Mammoth Cave sb $2.50
My Daddy Was a Caver/My Mommy Was a Caver sb $6.00
My Mommy Was a Caver sb $2.00

National Cave Management Proceedings
1976 sb $10.00
1977 sb $10.00
1978 & 1980 Carlsbad NM and Mammoth Cave KY sb $11.00
1981 sb $11.00
1982 sb $7.50
1984 sb $10.00
1989 sb $10.00
1991 sb $20.50
1993 sb $10.00
1995 sb $10.00
NSS Cavern Diving Manual (1988) .... sb $4.95
NSS Cave Ballad Song Book - 1974 sb $1.50
The New Madrid Earthquake at Mammoth Cave sb $3.00

On Call: A Complete Reference for Cave Rescue sb $33.00 hb $35.00
On Rope - Revised Edition hb $47.50
Oregon Caves Discovery & Exploration sb $2.95
Outer Door to the Auger Hole and Beyond (Exploration of Wyandotte Cave) sb$19.95
Painted Cave sb $4.50
Penn. Caves and Caverns & Activities Book for Kids,  sb $2.00
Portable Cave sb $2.50
Prehistoric Mummies from the Mammoth Cave Area sb $11.00

Race Against Time sb $18.95 hb $27.50
The Rainier Ice Caves & Other NW Stories sb $4.00
Rambles in the Mammoth Cave sb $5.00
River Rescue sb (1989)  $4.95
The River Styx - Salt Spring Cave System sb $2.00
Ruskin and Jewel Caves - A Brief History sb $4.00

Saltpeter Caves & Virginia History sb $1.25
The Saltpeter Empires of Great Saltpeter Cave and Mammoth Cave sb $18.95
Saltpeter & Gunpowder Manufacturing in Kentucky sb $3.00
Saltpeter Mining and the Civil War in Jackson Co., Alabama sb $4.00
Saltpeter Mining in East Tenn. sb $4.00
Sea Caves of Anacapa Island sb $15.00
Sea Caves of Santa Cruz Island sb $12.00
South China Caves sb $8.00
Speleology: Caves and The Environment sb $15.95 hb $21.95
Stories From Stone sb $8.95

The Story of Howe Caverns sb $2.98
A Study of Fountain National Park and Fountain Cavern sb  $6.50
Subterranean Climbers sb $6.95 hb $14.00

Trapped sb $18.00
Tricks, Awful sb $1.00
Tricks, Dirty sb $1.00
Tricks, Horrid sb $1.00
Tricks, Evil sb $1.00
Tricks, Nasty sb $1.00
Tricks, Rotten sb $1.00
Tricks, Wicked sb $1.00
All 7 Tricks Books $6.50

Underground Worlds hb $9.00
Under Plowman's Floor hb $7.95
Universal Study Guide for Cave Rescue Training sb $4.95
Using the Cave Maps for Safety - Pamphlet .25
Vacationer's Guide to Bat Watching sb $10.00
The Vampire Bat hb (1975) $10.95
Vampire Bats hb  $9.50
Vertical sb $24.50
Vertical Caving sb $9.00

Walker's Bats of the World sb $19.95
What a Hole sb $2.50
Where the Sun Don't shine $3.00
Wilderness Search and Rescue (1980) hb $9.95
The Wilderness Underground hb $24.95
Wind Cave sb $6.95
Wind Cave, An Ancient World Beneath the Hills sb $8.95
Wind Cave - The Story Behind The Scenery sb $7.95
The World of Bats hb $35.95
Wyandotte Cave - Down Through the Centuries sb $4.50
WV Geo. Survey Caves of WV  $40.00

Your Guide to Crystal Lake Cave sb $1.50
Your Guide to Mystery Cave sb $1.50
Your Guide to Spook Cave sb $1.50