Pelican Lights

Penlight that's "O" ring sealed watertight to 2,000 ft. Uses Krypton bulb. Comes with 2 AAA Energizer batteries. #PM1900C $13.95



Super Pelilite
Submersible flashlight with a krypton bulb. Uses 2 alkaline or rechargeable Nicad "C" batteries (not included) with wrist lanyard. #PM1800C $27.95

Super Sabrelite
Among the most superior concentrated beam light. It's waterproof, in fact water tight to below 2,000 ft. for divers. Powered by three "C" cells. Colors: black, yellow, orange #PM2000C $34.95

Bulbs and Accessories
Mitylite lamp/reflector module #1904 $4.95
Mitylite Replacement "O" Ring $1.10
Mitylite Red Lens $2.50
Magnum Mitylite Light Module #2304 $6.50
Super Pelilite Krypton Lamp w/Reflector Unit #1804 $10.95
Pelilite Replacement "O" Ring $1.50
Super Saberlite Krypton Lamp w/ Reflector Unit #2004 $11.95
Sabrelite Replacement "O" Ring $1.50
Pelilite 18 by 1 inch leg/arm velcro strap $2.95
Stealthlite Xenon Lamp Module #2404 $11.96
Britelite Xenon Dual Filament Bulb #5003 $14.63
King Pelican Xenon Dual Filament Bulb #4003 $14.95
Versabrite lamp module #2204 $4.95
#700 Helmet Light Holder $13.95



Repairs And Accessories


Mini Mag Holster Pack. Comes with 1 black or blue AA Mini Mag, 1 nylon holster and 2 AA batteries. $12.00

Mini Mag Accessory Pack
Mini Mag Accessory Pack
comes with the same valuable contents as the Combo Pack, but without the Mini Mag Lite flashlight and batteries. $4.75

*Prices of flashlights are less batteries except where noted. Black, Red or Purple.

D Cell mag Lites
2 D-Cell, black, red, purple  $12.00
3 D-Cell, red $13.00
4 D-Cell, black $14.00

C-Cell Mag Lites - Black
2 C-Cell, black  New Price $11.00
3 C-Cell, black New Price  $12.00

Holsters and Accessories For Mag Lites

Mini-Mag Plain Leather Holster - Black $7.00
Mini-Mag Plain Nylon Flap Holster - Black $3.95
D-Cell and C-Cell Plain Leather Holster - Black $5.95

Traffic Wand-Red $4.95
AA Lens .50
AAA Lens .50
D-Cell Lens $1.00
C-Cell Lens $1.00

AAA Mini Mag Lite
The AAA Mini Mag Lite comes with 2 AAA batteries and pocket clip. Colors:  Blue, Red and Purple $8.95

Sports Combo Pack
Contains 1 AAA Mag, Lanyard, 2 Energizer AAA batteries, 1 clear lens, 1 red lens, 1 amber lens and whistle $17.00

 Bulbs For Mag Lites
Mini Mag AA Bulbs (1 pk of 2 bulbs) $2.50
Mini Mag AAA Bulb (1 pk of 2 bulbs) $2.50
Solitaire AAA Bulb (1 pk of 2 bulbs) $2.50

* The following bulbs come 1 per pack.
2 D Cell and C Cell MSA 2 Bulb $3.25
3 D Cell and C Cell MSA 3 Bulb $3.25
4 D Cell and C Cell MSA 4 Bulb $3.25
5 D Cell and C Cell MSA 5 Bulb $3.25
6 D Cell and C Cell MSA 6 Bulb $3.25
7 D Cell and C Cell MSA 7 Bulb $3.25
(These bulbs for use with Alkaline batteries only)

An elastic headband with a velcro closure to hold a small flashlight, such as a Mini Mag, on the head for hands free use. The newer System II model and the Hardshell model will hold slightly larger flashlights. Also called the Nocturnal Navigation System.