Calendars & Videos

2015 Caving Calendar by Speleo Projects  $16.00 plus shipping

Again the best Caving Calendar in the world for 2015. Shows the natural beauty of caves
from around the world by some of the top international cave photographers. 

Eight countries represented. Photos in living color.

These calendars will sell out.
Great for gifts, office and yourself.




2013 Speleo Projects Caving Calendar $8.50 each


        2012 Calendar Sold Out

Caving Calendars From Years Past
Speleo Projects Calendars
1986 $8.00
1987 $8.00
1989 $8.00
1990 $12.50
1991 $10.00
1992 $8.00
1993 $10.00
1994 $9.75
1996 $5.00
1997 $5.00
1998 $5.00
1999 $5.00
2000 $5.00
2001 $5.00
2002 $5.00
2003 Out
2004 Out
2005 Out
2011 Out
2012 Out
2013 $5.00
2014 $5.00

2015  $16.00

Cave Calendar
An Underground Journey by Peter and Ann Bosted
1995 $6.00
1998 $6.00

Bats Calendar
1998 $5.00
2000 $5.00

Posters, all posters are in Color
In Karstlands, Size 22"x30"   $2.50  

   Bats of America, Size 36"x25.25"   $9.00

  Ice Size 26.5"x19"   $7.00

  Big Room, Size 26.5"x19"   $7.00

  Lechuguilla, Jewel of the Underground, 26.5"x19"  Now ONLY   $7.00

Cave Lake in China 12 7/8"x26 5/8" ..............    $10.00

Grutas De Garcia, Mexico 21"x11"  .....  $2.00 enclosed in tube for shipping, non returnable tube

* $6.75 shipping for any number of Posters!
They will be shipped separate from other merchandise.


Silent Splendor
Shows the fantastic discovery at Cave of the Winds. Very good. Cavers version $20.00

America's Greatest Caverns
By American Adventure Series. Designed for the public in gift shops, this film is very good. Nice color. Good Narration. Good for new cavers, group meetings, gifts, etc. Talks about the importance of water, unique wildlife, domes, pits, speleothems, cave critters, ancient people, and modern explorers. 60 min. $5.00

Amazing World Below - Blanchard Springs Caverns $5.00

Bats: Myth And Reality
By Bat Conservation International. Time is 16 minutes. $5.00

Bats Of America
By Bat Conservation International. Time is approx. 14.5 minutes $5.00

Bats: Rain Forest Allies
By Bat Conservation International. Time is approx. 15 minutes. $7.00

Carlsbad Caverns National Park/ Guadalupe Mountains National Park $5.00

Controlling Vampire Bats And Bovine Rabies
By BCI. Instructional video on how to control vampire bats without harming bats that are beneficial to agriculture and the environment. Approx. 26 min. $5.00

Great Basin National Park With Lehman Caves $5.00

This video interviews some collectors of Floyd Collins memorabilia. (he died in a well publicized rescue in 1925)
Shows and talks about miscellaneous things saved throughout the years. Fascinating to those interested in the Floyd Collins rescue/body recovery.
Produced by Hodag Video in 2002,  32 minutes    $5.00

Lewis and Clark Caverns - The Paradise Below
North Country Media Group, Inc. Time is 28 min. $3.00

Luray Caverns Virginia $3.00

Mammoth Cave National Park, KY. $5.00

Sea Lion Caves - Oregon Coast
Mostly about Seal Lions and The Beach Pacific Coast. Little on caves. Time is approx. 30 min, was $9.95 Special $1.50

The Secret World Of Bats
By BCI. Features Merlin Tuttle, hosted by Stacy Keach. Time is 48 min. $5.00

Strange Creatures Of The Night
By National Geographic. Time is approx. 60 min. $5.00

An introduction: the video discusses systems used to climb ropes as often as needed to be done to get out of caves. A definite emphasis on safety.  Hodag Productions in 2003,  14 minutes  $3.00

Within the earth, within the mind-a Journey of discover and obsession.
What drives a person to risk their life deep underground and alone, in an unexplored cave? Solo explores the innermost thoughts and fears of alone caver as he ventures into uncharted caverns, driven by a craving for knowledge and discovery. Solo is an absorbing atmospheric film which culminates in a tense and dramatic struggle for survival in the darkness of underground. From England. Done by Andy Sparrow and Third Eye Films
. 32 minutes,  $5.00

Vendors Row
By Dave Socky. Another entertaining video by Hodag Production. Humorous visits to the caver vendors at the regional meetings and conventions. Original music and song by Dan and Marian McConnell. Good entertainment. 9 Min. $3.00

Hodag Video Production Series
Vendors Row, 9 min. $12.00
Wet Cave, 5 min. $3.00
The Sinkhole From Hell, 5 min. $3.00
Jaguar Cave, 9 min. $3.00

Note Cards, in color 
    Note Cards, size 5" X 7", open 10" x 7", 1 set consists of 10 different cards and envelopes
    Price per set .......  $12.50



Post Cards, in Color!
  Six (6) different post cards by Speleo Projects. Photos from Switzerland, Austria and France. 6 for $1.50





Sturdy Bookmark 7" x 2.25"
Big Brown Bat ...................... $0.75
Little Brown Bat ................... $0.75