Repairs And Accessories

Mini Mag Holster Pack. Comes with 1 black or blue AA Mini Mag, 1 nylon holster and 2 AA batteries. $15.00

Mini Mag Accessory Pack
comes with the same valuable contents as the Combo Pack, but without the Mini Mag Lite flashlight and batteries. $4.75

*Prices of flashlights are less batteries except where noted.

D Cell mag Lites
2 D-Cell, black $16.00
3 D-Cell, red $17.00
4 D-Cell, black $18.00
C-Cell Mag Lites - Black
2 C-Cell, black $11.00
 3 C-Cell, black $12.00

 Holsters and Accessories For Mag Lites
Mini-Mag Plain Leather Holster - Black $7.00
 Mini-Mag Plain Nylon Flap Holster - Black $3.95
 D-Cell and C-Cell Plain Leather Holster - Black $5.95

Traffic Wand-Red $4.95
AA Lens .50
AAA Lens .50
D-Cell Lens $1.00
C-Cell Lens $1.00

AAA Mini Mag Lite
The AAA Mini Mag Lite comes with 2 AAA batteries and pocket clip. Colors: Black, Blue, Red and Purple $11.95

Bulbs For Mag Lites
Mini Mag AA Bulbs (1 pk of 2 bulbs) $2.50
Mini Mag AAA Bulb (1 pk of 2 bulbs) $2.50
Solitaire AAA Bulb (1 pk of 2 bulbs) $2.50

* The following bulbs come 1 per pack.
2 D Cell and C Cell MSA 2 Bulb $3.25
3 D Cell and C Cell MSA 3 Bulb $3.25
4 D Cell and C Cell MSA 4 Bulb $3.25
5 D Cell and C Cell MSA 5 Bulb $3.25
6 D Cell and C Cell MSA 6 Bulb $3.25
7 D Cell and C Cell MSA 7 Bulb $3.25
(These bulbs for use with Alkaline batteries only)

An elastic headband with a velcro closure to hold a small flashlight, such as a Mini Mag, on the head for hands free use. The newer System II model and the Hardshell model will hold slightly larger flashlights. Also called the Nocturnal Navigation System.
Newer model ORIGINAL (1 1/4 inches wide) $6.50