Leather -
Leather palm, index finger and thumb; backside not leather.
Men's Large $2.95/pr.
Women's $2.95/pr.
Dozen pair (any size) $34.00/dz.

Dotted Canvas Gloves -
Has dotted palm, index and thumb with knit wrist.
Men's size $1.50/pr.
Dozen pr. (any size) 14.75/dz.

Wonder Gloves
Vinyl impregnated brown cotton gloves.
Ladies Small only $1.10/pr.
Dozen pr. $11.75

Knee Pads

Rockmaster Knee Pads
Thicker rubber pads, better molded to the knee with wide elastic straps. No longer manufactured!

Rockmaster elastic straps $1.95 each
Rockmaster short strap w/buckle $1.00 each

Bomber Gear, Knee Pads, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Not Available Anymore