Lost Creek Packs

Lost Creek Packs are specifically designed for caving. The #1, #2, #3 and #5 packs have double thickness bottoms w/ drain holes, draw cord, pack cloth stuff tops, 2 inside pockets, and 2 adjustable, interchangeable 2 inch webbing back/side straps. All the Lost Creek Packs are made of abrasion-resistant Ballistics Nylon with urethane coating for water resistance.

The #6 and #10 packs are fully double thickness and have belt loops.

Caving Packs Shown L to R: #2 Pack, #1 Pack & #3 Pack

Battery Packs Show L to R:
#10 Justrite Pack
#6 Wheat Lamp Pack
#11 Small Battery Pack

#1 TAG Pack w/Double Bottom $68.00
When open at top, it measures 21 inches tall, 10 inches wide, 4 inches thick.
#3 Caver's Special (Flint Ridge) w/Double Bottom $66.00
When open at the top, it measures 19 inches tall, 7 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches thick.
#4 Froggie Special $33.95
When open, it measures 21 inches tall, 10 inches wide.
#5 Sidekick (Cumberland) w/Double Bottom $65.00
When open at the top, it measures 15 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide, 4 inches thick, 3 buckles on front, double bottom.Basically a sidepack.
#6 Wheat Lamp Pack $36.00
10 inches tall, 6 inches wide, 3 inches deep designed for a wheat lamp with the headpiece and cord plus a few small tools, etc. Has two belt loops.
#10 Justrite Pack $33.00
Designed to hold Justrite electric light plus some spare parts. 5" X 4" X 2.25"
#11 Small Battery Pack  (photo above) 8.5" X 5"  $16.50

Extra adjustable straps for cave packs $8.95 Each
Padded straps for cave packs $12.95 Each

#16 Gorilla Pack w/Double Bottom. 25 inches tall, 12 inches wide, 6.5 inches thick. $66.00

Lost Creek Digging Bag

These handy bags are just the ticket for hauling mud and rocks out of your favorite dig! No mucking around with buckets, these bags really work,
especially in tight nasty situations. Handles on top and bottom give you maximum flexibility in how to haul and a stiffened rim keeps the mouth open for easy loading. Measures 12" high by 12" diameter. ****  $43.50

Lost Creek Duffel Bags
Froggie's Vacation Duffel
with zipper, 19 inches long, 13 inches dia. $37.00
with pocket on one end $42.00

Small Duffel
With zipper, 28 inches long, 11 inches diameter $38.00
Small Duffell with pocket on one end $43.00

Medium Duffel
With zipper, 28 inches long, 13 inches diameter $42.00
Medium Duffel with pocket on one end $47.50

Large Duffel
With zipper, 34 inches long, 13 inches diameter $50.00
Large Duffel with pocket on one end $55.00

Straps for Duffels $9.50 Each

Lost Creek Rope Bags
Lost Creek rope bags are made of Ballistic cloth. Suitable for caving. It has excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. The fabric is also quick drying and highly water repellant. All seams are stitched with nylon thread. Grommet hole at bottom. Capacity of bag was measured with BWII 7/16 rope.

Rope Bags Show L to R:
09-3 Large
09-5 XXL
09-2 (top) Medium
09-1 (bottom) Small

#09-1 Small with 1 1/4 inch handles only - holds 100 ft rope $23.95
#09-2 Medium with handles and one 2 inch web shoulder strap - holds 170 ft rope $28.95
#09-3 Large with handles and two 2 inch web back straps - holds 300 ft rope $42.50
#09-5 XX-Large with handles and two padded back straps, one sternum strap - holds 800 ft rope $55.75

Ditty Bags

Made with light weight nylon, Barrel Lock and Draw String

3 by 8 inches $2.95
4 by 9 inches $2.95
5 by 11 inches $2.95
6 by 15 inches $2.95
The Diddy Bags are not made by Lost Creek


Lost Creek Brief Cases    $42.00

Double zipper on top enables to opening. A separate opening from the front by zipper.
Two 1" nylon handles. Also two "D" rings on the backside.


#17 Lost Creek Survey Book Pouch $33.50
Made of tough nylon ballistic to withstand the rigors of caving as well as geology fieldwork, this compact pouch keeps standard
survey books of steno pads secure and convenient. The top flap has Velcro all of the way around for an extra tight closure. Separate sleeves for pens, pencils, protractors and other small items. Wide belt loops on the back and D rings which can be used with our standard pack straps give a number of carrying options. 9.5" tall by 8" wide.