Sked Stretcher

Skeds unique design is ideal for any type of rescue situation. Confined areas such as storage tanks, mine shafts, manholes and caves. Rigs quickly and easily for a safe vertical or horizontal hoist. This system works well with any spinal immobilization device currently on the market. Finally, the Sked Stretcher is x-ray lucent. The Sked is compact, lightweight, and versatile. Can be purchased as one complete system or parts can be bought individually.

Sked Stretcher, Total System (i.e.. next 7 items) $590.00
Sked Stretcher only, ORANGE,  $462.95
Sked Tow Strap $22.25
Sked Backpack $66.12
Sked Webbing Handle Set, 4 Handles $12.75
Sked Helicopter Lift Sling $40.75
30 Ffoot 3/8 Inch Rope for Sked Vertical Lift $19.50
SMC Large Locking D Carabiner $31.00

Sked Stretcher Specs
Size: In cordura pack 7 inches by 36 inches; laid out flat 3 by 8 feet.
Weight: 16 lbs. complete with all accessories
Material: Low density polyethylene plastic, nylon webbing and sold brass grommets
Temperature Range: Begins to melt 450F-500F; Maintains strength to -120F
Horizontal Lift Sling: Rated at 3,800 lbs.
Vertical Lift Sling: Rated at 5,800 lbs.

Oregon Spine Splint II

Vest-type device designed for vehicle extrication to provide temporary immobilization for a patient in a sitting or supine position. For use with Sked Stretcher, backboards or other patient transport devices. #SK300 $224.00

Sked Floatation Device

Enables the Sked Stretcher to float vertically. Prevents possibility of patient drowning due to capsizing. Sked Stretcher will not float face down. Contains (2) 5 inch dia. Ethafoam logs and an Ethafoam chest pad. #SK600 $438.50