Simmons Roller Harness
This harness includes a permanently attached Simmons Field-Model Chest Roller. The roller is attached to the 1 3/4 inch Mil-Spec webbing with 1 inch tubular webbing; inside this webbing is a piece of 3/4 inch webbing of a contrasting color for additional strength and as a wear indicator. The harness is adjustable with a friction buckle. The harness does not have a plate sewn into the webbing allowing for a decrease in weight and bulk with a slight loss of efficiency. Fits chest sizes 28 to 50 inches. $114.95


Karst Works Chest Harnesses

Chest Box Harness
This harness is designed to accept the placement of commercial chest boxes and Simmons Rollers on long or short bars (will not work with single Simmons Rollers.) The chest strap is a continuous loop of 1 3/4 inch Mil-Spec webbing and will fit almost any size chest. It is adjusted by a simple forward pull on the free end against the buckle, which rides near the right armpit. Shoulder straps of 1 inch tubular webbing adjust via a quick adjust buckle with an upward pull; both straps are self-equalizing. A sewn in ring is provided at the front to attach a bungee cord from a knee ascender. Fits up to 48 inch chests $39.50

Blum Box
This lightweight double chest box has a cast aluminum base plate, a steel axel and three rotating surfaces to protect the rope. Holds the rope snugly with a countersunk groove while providing plenty of room for the ascender line. Its unique single hinge design allows one handed operation on either side. New Model $96.00

Simmons Rollers
A single roller designed for strength, versatility and comfort.
Same as above with stainless steel ball bearing $75.00

Replacement Roller Parts
Shell Only - for single roller (1 inch wide) $24.75 each
3/4 Inch Simmons Roller $6.50

1 Inch Pulley Replacement Wheel with groove, bronze bushing and E-clip for Simmons roller. Will not work on old style Simmons roller $6.50

Old Style: 3/4 inch replacement pulley wheels with bronze bushing and E-clip. For old style Simmons roller $6.25
(No ball bearing available in old style)

Complete Pin Assembly (everything but shell)
1 inch Wheel with Bronze Bushing $33.50
1 inch Wheel with Ball Bearings $53.00
Old Style 3/4 inch Wheel with Bronze Bushing $24.00