Gibbs Ascenders
Mechanical device designed to climb a rope by rope walking. Units pretested to 1,000 lbs.

Gibbs For Up To 1/2 Inch Rope

Gibbs with aluminum shell:

#1 Free Running: Load must be put on the cam to support the weight of the rope $46.00

#1-S Free Running with Stainless Steel Shell  $48.00

#2 Spring Loaded: With the spring engaged it will support it's own weight with no load on the cam $46.00

#4- 3/4" Spring Loaded, Aluminum Shell  $68.00

#4-S 3/4" Spring Loaded, Stainless Steel Shell  $69.00

Gibbs Replacement Parts:

Cam only For #1 and #2 GIBBS  $17.00
Short quick release pin for #1 and #2 Gibbs $16.75
Shell with quick release pin for #1 and #2 Gibbs $23.00
Shell with quick release pin and spring for #1 and #2 Gibbs $27.00
Shell only - Aluminum for #1 and #2 Gibbs   $10.95
Shell only - Stainless Steel  for #1 and # 2 Gibbs $11.00
Spring and Cover - old style - coil spring $6.50
Spring and Cover - new style $6.50

CMI Ultra Ascenders

Cutting Edge...Field Tested...Expedition Proven...Our ascenders have been there on first ascents, grueling expeditions, and daring rescues, always returning to climb another day. CMI Ascenders are chosen by the most demanding users.

Bodies. Our ascender bodies are extruded from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum bodies are finished with a hard powder coat to permanently protect them from the elements. All of our ascenders easily accomodate 5/8" ropes. Numerous tie-in points accomodate the largest carabiners in use today.

Springs. The 17-4PH stainless steel springs in our ascenders are tested to over a million cycles, simulating lifetimes of the most demanding use.

Cams. Newly redesigned with a more aggressive grip and a thumb notch to simplify retraction. Cast from 4140 chrome-moly steel and finished with an exclusive non-metallic finish to to give the cams the same corrosion resistance as stainless steel. We guarantee our cams for life--if you can wear one out, we'll replace it--free!

Handgrips. Our molded plastic handgrips fit the contour of the ascender and feature an integrated safety that is easier to use and more comfortable on the hand than any other ascender on the market

CMI Large Ascender
Ultra Ascender $166.00/ pair 
Left or Right $85.00 each
Colors: Red or Black

CMI Small Ascender - $147.50/ pair
Left or Right $74.95 each  RED ONLY

CMI Expedition Ascender
Comfortable handgrip that allows you to use gloves or mittens. Cam is the same as the Ultra Ascenders. Extra deep rope channel. Easy to operate safety. $172.50/ pair
Left or Right $87.00 each
Repair parts available for all CMI Ascenders


CMI Foot Ascender ------  $74.50 each

Rope climbing is made easier by the CMI Foot Ascender. The addition of this boot-mounted device maintains tension on the rope, allowing for easier advancement of the main ascender, and promotes better use of body mechanics by keeping your body in an upright position. The body is crafted from anodized aluminum, and the hardcoated cams carry our exclusive wear-out guarantee, the same as our popular Ultrascenders and Expedition ascenders.

Available in right- and left-foot models.

Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.2 inches (7.8 x 5.6 cm)
Weight: 11.2 ounces (320g)

The original rope ascender. Cast Aluminum frame with cam and safety gate. Will work with rope up to 1/2 inch. Left and Right handed. Full line of repair parts available.
Jumars, pair   DISCONTINUED
Jumars, left or right   DISCONTINUED

Jumars Parts: Cam (new or old model) Permanently Out
Rivot pin (new or old model) $3.00
Spring for cam $2.00
Washer for cam $.50
Safety lever - new (red or blue) $3.50
Pin for safety lever (new or old) $1.00
Spring for safety lever - old model only (Grey Color) $1.50

Note: New style Jumars are yellow in color, old style are grey in color.