Screw Links

D - P-15 7mm Oval Screw Link
Special model screw link with wide gat 11/16" (11mm) for use with rope. Cadmium plated steel. Strength: 5,490 lbs. (2700kg.) Less expensive and lighter than carabiners. For use as a main anchor attachment device. Weight 2.1 oz.
BS0027 - P-15 $5.95
BS0034 - P-15-B 10mm Oval Screw Link $8.50

Triangle Screw Links
These links are used to close seat harnesses. Stand up to force in any direction, including three-way loading, when screw is closed. Steel. Weight: 4 oz.
A - BS0030 P-11 Cadmium plated steel - 10mm - 9,900lbs (4500kg) $8.95
B - BS0031 P-11R Cadmium plated steel semi-circular. 10mm $14.95
C - BS0032 P-18 Alloy - 10mm 4,400lbs (2000kb) $19.25