Non-Locking "D", Brite - $7.15
Locking "D" Brite - $9.50

SMC Carabiners
Aluminum carabiners that come in assorted anodized colors and two styles: "D" shaped and Locking "D". Locking "D"'s have a locking sleeve on one side.

#1701 Lightweight Non-locking D -  $9.25

#18501 Locking D - 6,000lbs test $14.50
#18501-N Locking D - NFPA brite finish $18.85
#18502-N Locking D - NFPA anodized black $19.60

SMC Rescue Carabiners
SMC Rescue Carabiners are the state-of-the-art in steel rescue carabiners. The D shape increases strength so necessary for rescue situations. The locking mechanism used on these carabiners locks on the gate, not on the body of the carabiner. This allows you to tighten the knob, load the carabiner and not have to retighten the knob. The Large size has a gate opening of 1.12", adequate to fit over the rail of a Stokes Litter. The X-Large size having an opening of 1.40", will fit standard 1.25" diameter ladder rung. The parts of these carabiners are miticulously finished and plated prior to assembly, insuring smooth free gate action.

A. SMC Large Size: Locking
#21001 Large Steel Locking D, plated - 10,000lbs test $31.00
#21002 Heat-treated Large Steel Locking D, plated - 15,000lbs test $41.50
#21001N - NFPA - Large Steel Locking D $31.95
#21007N - NFPA - Large Steel Locking D, Black $36.00
Large Steel Locking D, with safetylock $48.70
#24001 Large Stainless Steel Locking D, 12,950lbs test $53.60
#25001 Large Aluminum Locking D, bright finish - 8,000lbs test $30.40
#25002 Large Aluminum Locking D, Anodized black - 8,000lbs test $34.25

B. SMC Extra Large Size: Locking
#20003N - NFPA Extra Large Steel Locking D - 10,000lbs test $37.85

C. Steel Lite D Locking Carabiners
#100001 Alloy Steel - 10,000lbs test NFPA $29.40
#100003 Stainless Steel - 8,000lbs test $38.65


Petzl Carabiners

Petzl Spirit Carabiners
The Spirit is a lightweight carabiner with an open-gate strength of 9.5 kN. All Spirits feature the Keylock design which eliminates the need for a notch on the nose of the carabiner. The straight gate model features a unique grooved gate for easier opening. The dogleg Spirit is bent just enough to give you a quicker, easier clip. Made in the USA.

M10-A Petzl Spirit same as above but anodized $10.75
M15 Petzl Spirit non-locking with straight gate $9.95