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Software & Webbing

Tubular Webbing 1 Inch
High strength, continuous woven one inch tubular nylon webbing, 4,000 lbs. test. Available in 12 colors. Specify first and second color if out of stock. Blue, Yellow, Red, Fluorescent Orange,  .33/ft.

Flat Webbing, 1 Inch
One inch flat webbing, 6,000 lbs. test. Colors: Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Green, Flourescent Green, Red, Black .40/ft

Accessory Cords

Nylon utility cords of kernmantle construction. These low stretch, high strength cords are good for a variety of uses. Do not use accessory cord as a rappelling, climbing or safety ropes. Available in any length in sizes from 3mm to 8mm.

Size --- Strength ------- Price

3mm     472 MBS lb.     .21/ft
4mm     876 MBS lb.     .26/ft
5mm    1169 MBS lb.    .29/ft
6mm    1978 MBS lb.    .38/ft
7mm    2788 MBS lb.    .46/ft
8mm    3934 MBS lb.    .58/ft.

9mm    3102 MBS lb.    .77/ft.  (more flexible but less strength)

MBS = Minimum Breaking Strength


Gear Slings
Two inch webbing which is rolled and stitched at the bottom. Are for carrying gear only, not for use to protect life. Sizes: X-Small 37 inches, Small 41 inches, Medium 44 inches, $3.75

Shock Cord
Bungy cord, the stretchy stuff. Same price if stretched or un-stretched.
1/4 Inch Diameter .30/ft
5/16 Inch Diameter .36/ft
3/8 Inch Diameter .44/ft