Ropes & Rope Bags

PMI Rope
A kernmantle rope (braided sheath over continuous stranded core) designed for rappelling and standing line climbing. Not a dynamic rope. It is manufactured for high abrasion resistance, low stretch, strength, easy handling and no spin. Will cut any length. Not a belay rope.

7/16 inch PMI Maxi   $.85/ft.
7/16 inch PMI E-Z Bend $.85/ft.
7/16 inch PMI Pit Rope $.77/ft.
3/8 inch PMI Maxi  $.75/ft.
5/16 inch PMI Maxi  .65/ft.

Maxi-Wear: More abrasion resistant and stiffer.
E-Z Bend: Less abrasion resistant and less stiff.


BlueWater II Plus is an improved version of BlueWater II. This static kernmantle rope is strong, resistant to abrasion, low stretch and low spin on free rappels. Flexible enought to coil easily, holds knots well. Will cut to any length. Not a belay rope. Color gold with blue marker. Available in metric sizes. Standard rolls are 600 feet & 200 meters (660 feet).
7/16 inch BWII Plus $.87/ft
3/8 inch BWII Plus $.76/ft
5/16 inch BWII Plus $.69/ft

BW Dynamic Rope (UIAA certified - 10 fall rating)
11mm Diameter -- Our premium rope -- The finest 11mm dynamic rope available to today's climber. Its light weight and low maximum impact force create the world's softest "catch" rope. The Blue Water 11mm climbing rope was designed with durability being a key characteristic. Bi-color ropes change stripe colors and pattern to aid in locating the middle of the rope. This is the rope that made the historical first ascent of Mt. Thor on Baffin Island. Available in both Stadard Rockguard and Dry Rockguard. 7/16 inch size available in any length up to 660 feet.

11mm (7/16 inch) Standard Rockguard   $1.02/ft


Lost Creek Rope Bags
Lost Creek rope bags are made of Ballistic cloth. Suitable for caving. It has excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. The fabric is also quick drying and highly water repellant. All seams are stitched with nylon thread. Grommet hole at bottom. Capacity of bag was measured with BWII 7/16 rope.

#09-1 Small with 1 1/4 inch handles only - holds 100 ft rope $23.95
#09-2 Medium with handles and one 2 inch web shoulder strap - holds 170 ft rope $28.95
#09-3 Large with handles and two 2 inch web back straps - holds 300 ft rope $42.50
#09-5 XX-Large with handles and two padded back straps, one sternum strap - holds 800 ft rope $55.75

Lost Creek Rope Pads
These pads fold up into handy pocket when not is use.
3 ft. Lost Creek Rope Pad $12.95

Rope Washer
Designed especially for muddy ropes. No matter what length or construction. Can clean ropes up to 5/8 inch diameter. Cleans with tiny jets of water in a swirling pattern. Simply attach to a hose faucet or garden hose and pull rope through. Works better with strong water pressure. Weight 1.5 lbs. $37.95

Whip-End Dip
Three coats of this liquid vinyl compound seals the end of a rope to prevent unravelling. Also may be used for color coding ends or sealing in information (clear). Colors:  white, red, green $7.00 each