Eldelrid Ultra light Helmet
A lightweight helmet which has been honored by experts for its excellent impact force values. Features: The classic parabolic shape; has many holes for air circulation; fittings to hold straps that come with electric lights; adjustable suspension; variety of colors. Two sizes.
Adult size $59.95
Small (junior) $59.95   

Call for colors in stock.



MSA Helmets

Comes with staz-on suspension, front bracket for light, cord holder on back. Used in coal mines. Fits 6.5 - 7 5/8
Colors Blue and Red in stock. Chin strap separate purchase.

Chin strap for COMFO-CAP  $5.95
Replacement headband and suspension  $7.75

Men's V-Gard Helmet  $9.45

Comes with Staz-on suspension. Chin strap separate purchase.
Color in stock is yellow.
Chin strap for V-Gard $5.95
Replacement headband and suspension  $6.25

Repair Parts for Comfo-Cap
Standard headband and suspension $7.75
Small headband and suspension (ladies size) $10.20
MSA Men's V-Guard Helmet  $9.00

MSA Ladies V-Guard $14.95 

Ladies V-Gard is the same as the men helmet but smaller to fit women and kids.
Chin strap is a separate purchase.
Color Blue in stock

Chin strap for Ladies V-Gard  $5.95
MSA Ladies V-Guard headband and Suspension  $8.95

MSA Bracket with 2 screws and template   $15.50


Cord Holder Kit  $4.75  Picture above.

Round  Bracket comes with 2 screws and template  $8.75

MSA chin strap -  $5.95
MSA chin Strap to fit the COMFO-CAP and V-GARD CAP and other MSA Helmets.
This chin strap attaches to the sides of the headband and suspension.

MSA Elastic Chin Strap with Hooks $4.75


MSA Fixed Crown headband and suspension #79719 $10.35