Made of strong, lightweight plastic. Headpiece can be tilted up or down, with adjustable beam. Built to Government specs. The 4 D cell model has a battery pack that mounts at the waist, and the 4AA model has a battery pack that mounts on the back of the helmet. This lamp wil not fit on the bracket of a helmet, but it is held on with a sturdy elastic strap as seen in photo.

Model #4D cell  Discontinued

B & B Waterproof Light
Model #4AA cell Discontinued

Repair Parts & Bulbs Still in Stock
AA Battery Holder for 4AA batteries (black) New model only 6.50
Lens/Reflector Assembly $5.00
Red Lens Only $1.50
"O" Ring $1.25
Wingnut w/bolt $1.00
Bracket /Pad $1.10
Rubber Headband $5.50
Top Retainer Wire for Battery Case (4D) .75

Replacement Bulbs for B & B Light
#502 Bulb (dimmest) 1.00 each / 10 for $9.25
#27 Bulb (Medium Bright) $1.50 each / 10 for $14.00
#425 Bulb (Brightest) $1.50 each / 10 for $14.50