Nite Lites

Nite Lite System Complete
This Package includes the headpiece, house charger and gel cell battery. Headpiece focuses from walking light to bright blue-white spotlight. Charger plugs into jack in the battery cover. Battery is completely leak proof. Battery weighs 3 pounds, 14ozs. Comes ready to use.  Discontinued

Nite Lite Head
Has an adjustable beam, moisture proof o-ring seal and neoprene seal around the lens, rugged yet weighs only 4 oz. Will work with 4, 6, 12 volt systems. Same headpiece and cord that comes with the nite lite system. $32.99

Nite Lite Replacement Parts
PR12 (Bulb for Nite Lite, Wizard and TAG Lite) $1.25
K-12 (Krypton Bulb for Nite Lite & Wizard) $1.60
HPR-51 (Halogen Bulb for Nite Lite, Wizard & TAG Lite) $6.00
PR3 (Bulb for Kitten Kooner) $1.25
Cord only for Nite Lite $7.95
Lens for Nite Lite $2.00
Red Lens Pop Cover $4.00
K-3 (Bulb for Kitten Kooner) $1.50
Headpiece with cord $32.9
On/Off Switch for Nite Lite $3.00
Cover only for Nite Lite battery (without reostat and without screws) $6.50
Lens gasket $1.00
Reflector $5.25
Bezel $3.00
Cover with Rheostat    $14.95

Belts For Wheat Lamps, Nite Lite & Tag Lights

The battery can be put on or removed without taking off the belt. Made of nylon. Please state size.
Sizes in inches 22, 24, 26, and 32 up to 50". (Some sizes out of stock).$16.95
New -
Lighter weight adjustable belt with SR buckle. State waist size. $13.50
Leather Belts - Sizes 32, 34, 36, 44, 46, 48  -  $15.50 each, Not Pictured

Lighter Weight Adjustable Belt