Wheat Lamps

*We cannot ship acid. It is a hazardous material

Model 5805-H System This model is similar to 5200 with a smaller charger. The charger plugs into the plastic battery cover to charge the battery. The battery cover will work with model 5120 charger. The 5120 Charger charges through plug in the battery cover. This lamp cannot be charge through headpiece. The bezel may be easily removed. Three different bulbs will work in this lamp. This lamp is not "mine approved". It is used by cavers and hunters.

Model 5805-H package includes Model 5800-H light with battery and 5120 charger. Hat not included. Discontinued

Repair parts for Model 5800-H only:
Cord only for 5800-H $42.00
Lens for 5800-H $2.75
Charger Jack $7.00

Inquire about pricing for the remainder of the parts

Model 5200 With 4 volt 14 amp rechargeable lead acid battery with vented design. Battery case is rugged with reinforced corners and molded belt loops. Heavy duty cord. The bulb has 2 focusing filaments. This model is mine approved. (Charger is a separate purchase)  Discontinued 


Model 5100 Lamp Headpiece is 1/4" wider than 5200. Headpiece parts are not interchangeable with model 5200. Headpiece twists onto the charger

Bulbs For Wheat Lamp:
BM30 1.2 amp $5.50
1440 1.0 amp/ 4.0 amp Not Mine Approved $12.00

Wheat Lamp Repair Parts:

Glass Lens for #5200 & #5800-H 2 1/2" diameter $2.75
Glass Lens for #5100, 2 3/4" diameter $2.80
Bezel for #5200, & #5800-H $6.50 Out of Stock
Bezel for #5100 $6.50
Gasket for #5200 & #5800-H $1.00
"O" Ring Bezel Seal for #5200 & #5800-H $1.10
Battery Terminal Clamp w/Screws $3.25 each
Nut Plate for Battery Cover $1.50
Screws for Nut Plate $1.40 ea
Strain Relief for Cord #5200 & #5100 (rubber) $2.00
Strain Relief for Cord #5800-H Only (plastic) $1.95
Filler Spout & Bottle $6.50
Red Lens Pop Cover for #5200 & #5800-H $4.00
Red Lens Pop Cover for #5100 $4.00
*Cord only for Model #5200 & #5100 54' long $48.95
*Cord only for Model #5800-H $35.00
*Note: Cords for the Wheat Lamp come with battery terminal clamps and screws.

Write for complete list of repair parts for Wheat Lamps. Request either #5200, #5800-H or #5100 lamp parts list. repair parts for chargers also available. Request #5200, #5800-H or #5100 charger parts list. Battery parts list also available.

Vehicle charger for #5100 Wheat Lamp only $133.00
Vehicle charger for #5200 Wheat Lamp only $133.00
While They Last

Adaptive Kits for #5100 & #5200
To the chargers- contains the parts to put receptive units on a charger to charge onto the headpiece of wheat lamps.
Conversion Kit #5381 for #5200 $22.00
Conversion Kit #K1561 for #5100 $34.00