Premier Carbide Generator Lamps & Parts

Reflectors Only (Without Helmet, without generator and without hose) The reflector/headpiece fits into the bracket on the helmet. All models are 4" steel reflectors.
Frog Comes with 7 liter horizontal tip $25.95
Crystal Comes with 7 liter vertical tip $45.15
White Lightning Comes with a 21 liter vertical tip  Discontinued

Premier Model 300 Generator Discontinued. Premier no longer manufactures Generator unit.

Repair Parts For Headpiece
7 Liter Tip For Frog, Crystal and Cap Lamp) $3.80
21 Liter Tip For White Lightning  $4.50
"O" Ring Gasket For 14L & 21L tip $1.50

Repair Parts for Generator
Gas Tube $10.00
Water Screw Lid
- Brass, for new model $5.00
"300" Bottom with lid $26.35
"300" Lid for bottom $7.50
"O" Ring Gasket for bottom $3.50
Filter pad $3.75
Filter Pad Spacer $3.00
Water Plug
- Rubber with chain for older models $3.50